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, gary peters, a democrat, seemed sort of the leading democratic candidate. how confident do you feel that is a seat you can keep and is gary peters going to be your candidate? >> not sure who will be the candidate. gary is a very strong figure. i think we'll keep it in part because the republican party in michigan has gone so far to the right it's not easy to find voters who i think will be attracted to that kind of extremism. so i'm confident. but we have a job to do in the congress. i heard your earlier reports about 2016. he's got a job to do in 2013. >> a good point and much appreciated. i would note on the senate a republican has not won in michigan a senate seat since 1994 which i'm sure you well know, congressman. >> and it'll stay that way. thanks for having me. >> yes, sir. >>> from the windy city to the motor city parents and community leaders are raising concerns that kids in their schools are bearing the brunt of the painful cost of cost cutting measures. in chicago, school officials have announced the closure of 54 schools mostly in low income minority neighborhoods. as
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1